Income Times Ten Review

Jamie Lewis has just released Income Times Ten, but really what is this ground breaking software and why should you spend the $47 for the product. All great questions, so let’s break down the answers one by one to determine if this piece of software is right for you.

Why is the product $47? Simple Jamie known for over delivering on his courses and products. And yes there are some upsells on the backside of the course. Do you need them to succeed with this course “No”, will they help in your efforts, “Yes”. The choice is yours.

What is Income Times Ten?

Income Times Ten is a state of the art piece of web based software (note not computer specific) that will help you to earn affiliate profits on a consistent basis. In fact during trials, Jamie Lewis showed that his software make its first sale in just 13 minutes of activation and $500 in the first hour! (Now I have to point out that results can vary, this was just one test.)

The software breaks the process down into a few questions: first, what are your interests. Second: niche for which you want to promote products. With this the software returns you back several resources where you can easily promote affiliate products to earn profits permanently.

The software is designed to build you campaigns that do not require a website or hosting. Which in my book makes it a first in the online industry, you just simple start it up and get busy making campaigns in different niches,

What is Inside the Income Times Ten Members Area?

40 Niches To Select From

Jamie has provided you have the option to select from more than 40 niches. Thus giving you a wide range of products to choose from.

Income Times Ten Webinars

Jamie Lewis provides you access to his online webinars, thus giving you more time to learn and advance your online education.

Income Times Ten Bonus Training

Jamie has included his “IM with Jamie” one on one coaching program. This is a very cool program that you can read about on this site. He will teach you in a series of webinars how to move from an affiliate to a super affiliate.

Last Question – Is Income Times Ten Right For ME?

Probably the most important question of all. And one that you have to answer, no me. But here is what I would say, if you are already making a couple of thousand dollars a month with your online efforts than probably not. Otherwise, the opportunity that Jamie is presenting with this course is very unique and could change how you market online.

Conclusion for Income Times Ten

Income Times Ten software, and training is a new program by one of the most known people online today: Jamie Lewis. Will it make you a millionaire over night, No. Will it help your online marketing efforts (if APPLIED) yes. I do think it is a course that you should take a look at and try it out. Remember it does come with a 60 day money back guarantee. So you can test drive it for 60 days and determine if it is right for you.

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