Wealth In A Box

Jamie Lewis has just released his new updated Wealth In A Box 2.0 (WIAB). The buzz around this product launch has been amazing, as Jamie has continued to deliver quality products that have helped people all over the internet.

[Watch It In Action Here]

But what is WIAB and is it right for you?

WIAB is not a get rich quick scheme but rather a full blown training course to get you on your way online. It is comprised of 10 DVD (online version also available: see above). The video material is over 20 hours long.

You will receive training based on Jamie’s 10 years of internet marketing experience.

So what is in the Course exactly?

1 – Research + Building The Website: All of the necessary tools to find the right market and how to profit from them.

2 – SEO Strategies: Learn from Jamie as he shows you how to rank on the 1st page of Google with the Keywords you found during the Research section.

3 – Traffic Generation Accounts: Remember Traffic is King. In this module you will learn how Jamie generates massive amounts of traffic to his website. All you have to do is copy him.

4 -Flipping Websites For Thousands: After you established a website, now Jamie will show you how to sell this website for quick cash.

5 – The Trends + Physical Products: Now Jamie will show you how to leverage all of the above techniques into selling Physical Products via Amazon and eBay

6 – Real Case Studies of Jamie’s Students Duplicating all of Jamie’s Systems Step by Step (around 7 hours long) Inside of this section Jamie covers topics like: Starting from scratch and setting up an Affiliate Business, How to: Product Creation and much more. You will actually follow a student from start to finish. In his first four month he went from 0 to $12,000. Not bad for just starting out.

In the end of the day is this product something that can be used and are the techniques still valid in today’s market place. Yes I believe that you can be very successful with this course if you are willing to take action and follow Jamie’s instruction and blueprint that he lays out for you. Make no mistake you will have to watch the videos, especially the case studies, but in the end this program is jammed packed full of information that is still very valuable and will help you on your road to success.

[Download Your Copy Here]

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